Just Dance


Stay in bed all morning.
Have breakfast for lunch.
Skip the chores.
Go for a walk in the rain. Or in the sun, if you’re lucky enough (the chances of that are a little slim in Luxembourg these days BUT the sun’s out right now πŸ™).
Honour your need for rest (even in the face of FOMO).
Honour your needs in general.
Say no if you need to. Say yes if you want to.
Spend time with the people you truly enjoy hanging out with (even if they say f*ck youΒ a lot).
Don’t be afraid to change plans if they no longer serve you.
Take a nap (if you can – I still haven’t mastered the art of napping).
Don’t forget toΒ dance. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know how. I don’t know how either but I always feel better afterwards.

I recently posted on social media that it’s important to dance like nobody’s watching whenever life gets hard*.
I actually used to do that A LOT (so I guess my life must’ve been very hard 🀯).
And then I somehow forgot, or maybe I just stopped feeling like it.

This morning, I didn’t feel like dancing either but I decided to see if it still does the trick for me.
So I put on last year’s playlist (since 2019 was apparently the official dance-like-nobody’s-watching year for me) and started moving.

And it was gooooood.

Dance like nobody's watching
Actual footage of me dancing (please note the fabulous socks!)

* Caption: Sometimes life gets hard and that’s precisely the right time to put on your favourite music and shake it out (or off, depending on whether you take advice from Florence + the Machine or Taylor Swift).
Unless you’ve tried it for yourself, you have no idea how therapeutic it can be to dance like nobody’s watching!
[Except that in this particular case, somebody was watching – the picture was taken about a year ago by CDG** while I was surrendering to the tunes in between chores πŸ€—.]


** You know who you are! (As do all the people who follow me on Instagram πŸ™Š…)


7 thoughts on “Just Dance

      1. I definitely going to put a lot of concerted effort into doing and achieving number 3: Skip the chores. [Tick] and 10: Nap. Just not 11: Dance. However, I did stand on one leg last night and sort of danced across the room in a joyful state for no apparent reason, so 🩰 [Tick] for yesterday.

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