The Ghost

Only a few things grind my gears as much as the ghosts of the texting world (okay, maybe that’s a slight exaggeration, but you get my point). Ghosts generally stop replying and then vanish out of your life and into the digital void forever. This may happen at different stages: prior to even meeting up with them, after the first date or even after two successful dates. It’s usually their cowardly way of expressing that they’re not / no longer interested for whatever reason, leaving the ghostee hanging in the unknown, pining for a text from the ghost even though they don’t want to be in that position, knowing that they deserve better.
Apart from those who are unmistakably ghosts, some people have ghosty tendencies, such as the ones I enlisted above in my little rendition (or should I say tribute?!) to all the ghosts and ghosty people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting 😉 .

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